Placebo: Nuevo disco y nuevo batería

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Placebo: Nuevo disco y nuevo batería

Notapor tharandur » 12 Ago 2008 21:38


Good news friends - Placebo are back in the studio working on a new album!
The band finished the last touring campaign in September of last year in the USA (on the Projekt Revolution tour with Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance) and since then took some much needed time out, and over the past couple of months have been hard at work writing and demoing the new material in London.
The boys are now recording with producer David Bottrill (the man behind Tool's 'Aenima', 'Salival' and 'Lateralus' albums, Silverchair's 'Diorama' and dEUS 'The Ideal Crash'). Engineering the album is James Brown who worked with the band on 'Meds'.

……….And on the drums with Placebo……..?????!!!!! Introducing.…..Mr Steve Forrest! From Modesto, California. Previously the drummer with the American rock band, 'Evaline'. Some of you may have spotted Steve playing with Evaline supporting Placebo on their US tour in October 07.

El nuevo batería tiene pinta de ser tan pirata como los otros dos xD.
LlaneroSolitario escribió:Se os ha ido la mano a todos con el trap y el post-humor.
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Re: Placebo: Nuevo disco y nuevo batería

Notapor daboryuu » 13 Ago 2008 10:22

Yo creo que la camiseta de "I love pink" le delata. Piratuelooo ;)
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