The pain in my heart with love wallpaper

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The pain in my heart with love wallpaper

Notapor Leola1979 » 28 Sep 2016 11:20

With a woman, if she had never once met the man-made her seriously wounded, she will not appreciate your man love, she will not understand what is love. A man makes you feel pain, may soon time he makes you live not by death, but in the fullness of your life, he is nothing but the experience makes you more mature, and experienced he came early experience and not late. If it's coming soon, women can find themselves another man, he will appease her emotional wounds. If that experience is late, the chances for a woman to find a man like that would not have much hd love wallpaper. As has been hurt, betrayed, outcasts, so when women meet good man, she will appreciate, and she also knew how to love other people like. A man in love with her will help her to gradually forget the man who caused her to pain. And whether he can come back, she would never want to go back to him again. She will understand that if the man was able to hurt her so much, surely he does not really love her, but if their is love, the love matter how much it was not. Back then she had intestinal pain as broken pieces, not because she too loves him, but she suddenly felt the man she believes to undercut, and she could not bear it Heart wallpaper. Men do not like women, because men have become a mistake in their nature. If they had been a woman seriously hurt, and even though it was over a long time, they have found a very good woman, they still can not forget the woman Women had made them vulnerable. Women said that they met bad men is inevitable, but the man did not think that they will fail before a bad woman. She always is the pain in their hearts, forever is wound in their soul. If given chance, men will continue to pursue her, and will again get her in his arms, to prove they are winners in the end, nobody could abandon they. Therefore, women understand that if they want to keep the man at his side, then the left half a step is not absolutely not the right way, but to do so the relationship is in state at hot sometimes cold. If you want to win the heart of a man, is to wholeheartedly love him confirmed is not how good, but just tried to make him hurt, to his becoming a bleeding wound in my heart forever he. Men will cherish the woman that he never conquered well sad wallpaper. There are people throughout a lifetime struggling to find happiness. There are people who traveled throughout a lifetime of happiness. Are there times when you startled to realize: Happiness is the simple things. What is happiness? That one can go to search, looking for a moment, looking in life, in the game, at work, in school, in every pleasure, in every cry, every time sad ... we again find happiness . Happiness is something that we can not give it a specific definition, affordable happiness is a rather abstract concept, and it's hard to explain. While not happy with where remote searches, which sometimes happy right next to you that you do not know out! In the sometimes happy family when my father had his mother, with a smile of the meal, the family in times of doing the same work something fun that you feel happy. At work, a friend, also know happiness if we seek and enjoy
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Re: The pain in my heart with love wallpaper

Notapor AsbestosDeath » 28 Sep 2016 11:24

sexy gooby sexy gooby (gooby)
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Re: The pain in my heart with love wallpaper

Notapor tharandur » 29 Sep 2016 15:41

sad wallpaper xd
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